Central Harbor

Making WordPress development suck less. Easily merge your local code and content changes to production.
No more FTP, no more copy & paste, no more live edits.


Have you ever had to manage a WordPress site for a client? In many cases, a developer is updating features locally (adding pages or widgets) while changes are occurring on the live site (new comments and posts). When the developer is ready to deploy their changes to the live site, there are a few options out there for automatically deploying the code, but so far nothing exists that will merge in the database changes. For WordPress, this can be quite a pain because of how heavily intertwined the content is with the site.

Central Harbor lets you deploy both code and content straight to production (or staging) with a single click. If you’re making changes that touch anything related to the database, such as adding pages, configuring plugins or widgets, or adding custom post types through the WordPress interface, this solution will help you immensely.